What is Opinion.Network?..

Tired of wasting time? Learn fast on your interests.

Opinion is a Network designed to keep
 Users up to date on their interests EASY & FAST while automatically connecting Websites with the best optimised traffic and automatically promoting Local Businesses to people in their area.

and more to come…

Opinion for You

Wasting too much time? STAY COOL and learn FAST on your interests.

Beneath each of your interests at Opinion you’ll find:

  • An Interest Timeline Tab, formed by users & web sources
  • An Interest Following Tab from opinions and posts from your friends who have that Interest too + posts from all the Web that you follow on your Interest
  • An ORank* – A Monthly Web Ranking on your Interest formed by Opinion’s users and all the web: news, blog posts, new products, videos, etc.

Our OMessages innovation allows you to communicate easy and fast with your city, neighbourhood, street or even building. Invite your locals and favourite businesses and see what’s happening around you within a few clicks!

No personal data collection. No tracking you in the internet. See our terms and conditions.

*We believe Monthly Web Rankings (ORanks) are the most effective way for you to stay informed on your interests.


Opinion for your Local Business

Reaching locals is hard & expensive, right?… we are taking your local marketing to a whole new level.

We’re inventing the first of a kind Local Communicating designed to help you reach your locals FAST.

  • Your Local Business’ posts will automatically reach only locals in your neighbourhood, area or city
  • You will benefit from our interest-based sharing so every comment and recommendation on your posts will be an actual sharing to only more locals
  • Your followers will never miss a thing from you through our labels & notifications agenda

Simply register and subscribe for for $6 per month after trial. Get the Opinion sticker and keep all locals updated on your offers. 

Simply register, get OPinion sticker and reach locals for $6 per month.


Opinion for your Website  

It’s not easy to reach the right traffic of visitors. We are taking your digital marketing to a whole new level.

  • Your Website will automatically drive traffic of only visitors who are constantly interested in what you do
  • Our interest-based sharing guarantees every recommendation and comment on your website feed will drives you more traffic of same interested users
  • Maintaining your Website Page on Opinion is as easy as pie – just copy and paste the new links on your website posts
  • Your posts will take part in our Monthly Web Rankings ( ORanks ) where they will drive you more highly optimised traffic

All you have to do is register and subscribe for $6 per month after trial.

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